On FutJackpot you play against other users on the website in real time. Every user can deposit an amount between 1.000 FG credits and 100.000 FG credits into a common jackpot. After 10 deposits, one of the participants will win the jackpot!

But wait... Why should someone deposit more than 1.000 FG credits into the jackpot? There is a relation between the deposited amount and the propability to win the jackpot. The higher your stake, the higher your odds are to win!

Here is an example: So the total value of the jackpot is 470.000.

The chances of winning are based on the proportional stake in the jackpot.

In this case:
- Dylan has a probability of 2,13% (10.000 of 470.000) to win the jackpot
- Harry has a probability of 4,26% (20.000 of 470.000) to win the jackpot
- Felix has a probability of 10,64% (50.000 of 470.000) to win the jackpot
- Jack has a probability of 21,28% (100.000 of 470.000) to win the jackpot

It's getting more tactical!
You can deposit up to 4 times per round into the jackpot. So that you have more influence on the outcome of the rounds.